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The Holiday Season and Blog Related Injuries

November 10, 2007

Santa on a HarleyIt’s been a tough week for me.  Last Sunday, a whopping 7 days ago, I made dinner for my two brothers and my hubby.  But since my brothers were coming over, that meant I had to clean the house too.  Plus, the grocery shopping.  I was a whirlwind of activity and I paid for it big time.  My right arm started aching on Monday, by Tuesday, I couldn’t blog – what no blogging?  I’m sore from my shoulder to my fingers, I don’t know how I’ve survived.

I’m using NT Factor and D-ribose to try and overcome this outrageous muscle fatigue.  I don’t usually complain of Fibromyalgia as my primary symptom, mostly it’s fatigue.  But this week has been one long trial, with extra doses of Advil to eeek through the week.

Since I can’t work a real job, I did manage to create some new websites this week, even with my difficulty typing.  My new pages are all about the Holidays: 

Chocolate: The Greatest Food Gift

Spectacular Outdoor Christmas Lights

Amazon’s Million Dollar Necklace

Inflatable Christmas Decorations

I really feel like I’m working when I make these pages.  It’s a great forum for developing my sense of achievement and self-sufficiency when I’m stuck in a world where I can’t do much else.  In my struggle to overcome my chronic fatigue, I imagine it will take me until next June to start feeling better.  This illness brings with it such an uncommon sense of failure and hopelessness.  These sites help me feel more normal, like I’m living some portion of a real life, instead of feeling like a shut-in or invalid. 

It’s pretty rare to run across an article or web-site that discusses the psychological effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it’s like we all have to work it out for ourselves.  I don’t like negative thoughts or negative moods, but when the fatigue is combined with nagging constant pain, life can be difficult.  My motto: Onward, Forward, To the Future.  I finally have hope and now I have something to keep myself busy, even though my blogging arm is killin’ me.


My Love for Tibetan Culture

October 12, 2007

Gau It’s only in dreams that I can travel to Tibet. An ancient land of mystic wonder. I linger in thoughts of touching the Himalayan Mountains, chasing after the Yeti, pondering at the Buddhist Monks as they pass. I know that the region is steeped in political turmoil, but I get lost in the wonder of their culture.

My dreams are always accented by their colorful culture and art displays. When I see Tibetan Jewelry, I feel like I can keep a sense of that exotic spirit with me. The richness of their jewelry for me is best seen in their combination of Turquoise and Coral. Luminous and mystifying – the two stones touch my soul as if they’re singing in delicate harmonic resonance.

The best place that I’ve found to dream about Tibetan Jewelry is: Timeless Tibetan Treasures. I’m working toward being able to afford some of their necklaces, but for the moment, I’ll dream as I hold that pretty Tibetan Jewel Box (shown above) in my hand.

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