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Colonix Colon Cleansing

October 7, 2007

colonix  I started using Colonix – a colon cleansing product, this past Friday.  I am enthused so far.  For those of you unfamiliar with colon cleansing, typically the cleansing of the colon is aided by a psyllium and bentonite clay drink in the morning.  This product also includes a parasite cleanse pill and a senna (laxative) tea.  There are four separate things to do each day: 1. take the paranil pills 2. wait 15 minutes, then drink the psyllium/bentonite powder shaken with water or juice 3. at night, drink the tea (pay attention to your steeping time – this stuff is powerful!).  Drink 64oz of water a day. (Drinking enough water is the key to making this program work – it’s a must!)

Today is my third day, I’m feeling good.  I had a headache yesterday, but that could be due to other factors.  So far, from all the other colonix blogs that I’ve read, I’m experiencing all the same things that other bloggers have.   This is a 30 day program for me.  I’ll be updating this same post with my experiences.  (That way, since my family reads this blog, I won’t gross them out with tales or tails of the wormies I find.  Ewwww!)

I’m a little concerned about what the parasite cleanse may bring.  Not only is this extremely gross to discuss, but it’s a harrowing thought that I might have wormies inside of me.  From all the blogs that I’ve read, it’s not uncommon – yes, even in the u.s.a! (Given the amount of suspect cheeseburgers that I’ve eaten in my life, and the fact that in the past I’ve used some northern lakes as a direct water source, I’m gettin nervous.)

If you’re interested in trying a colon cleansing program (you can purchase the materials & do it yourself for less expense) or purchasing a cleansing product, my advice is to change your diet at least a week in advance.  It’s my supposition that the people that suffer the most adverse reactions to colon cleansing are the people with a diet that is already questionable.  Their reactions include: headaches, gas, bloating, feeling terrible, etc.  It would help them to prepare beforehand with a diet that includes many more servings of vegetables and much less sugar, processed food, white flour and bread.   It’s kind of difficult to be trying to cleanse your colon while you’re eating pizza.  🙂  Also, if you’re addicted to sugar, and you’re planning on a complete change, quit sugar first.  Otherwise, you’ll have all kinds of reactions and think it’s this program, when it’s most likely the effects of sugar withdrawal.

Psyllium & Bentonite Recipe:

Colonix also recommends not drinking coffee.  To stop drinking coffee by itself could cause those same reactions in people.

Anyway, I feel good.  I’ll update more as the program continues.

Update for 10/09/07:  My fifth colon cleansing day.  Not much to report.  I’m continuing with the program easily.  I haven’t had any wild moments yet.  Although yesterday, I was nauseous for a bit after drinking the powder.  I find that a bit odd, because I like the taste of the fiber – it’s a little licorice tastey.  Many other colonix people have commented on two things: 1. they can’t get the powder to mix – that’s easy just put it in tupperware or a lidded jar & shake it for 15 seconds.  and 2. they don’t like the taste.  After having to drink sauerkraut juice for breakfast at one point in my life, this stuff is like having a tasty milk shake!  Otherwise everything so far has been normal.  I have a bit of trouble making sure I drink 64 oz. of water a day, but I remedy that by drinking bottles of water – I need four 16 oz. and I carry them all around with me to keep count.

Update for 10/12/07: Today is my eighth colon cleansing day.  I got up late (finally slept!) so today there isn’t anything to report – I still have to slurp up da powder drinky. 🙂   Yesterday was a big cleansing day, very fruitful.  If you’ve visited the Colonix website, my answer so far is no, I haven’t had any wild moments like that.  Colonix so far has improved my digestion, but there haven’t been any extra consequences or burdens from the product.  It’s life as usual, I don’t feel under duress, actually I feel better.  I’m very careful with my diet though – mostly steamed vegies.  I like this product and I’m considering doing another month.  And no, I don’t sell it.  It is expensive though, but with the parasite cleanse, I think it’s worth it.  I definitely have a fear of wormies!  I’ll check in again & note any wild happenings.

Update for 10/15/07:  Today is my 11th day.  I have real trouble remembering to drink the senna tea at night.  The senna tea is the laxative component to this program and I notice that I do need it.   It’s funny – the reason that I need a detox program like colonix is that I have brain fog and forget everything.   lol, I forget to drink the ding dang tea!  stoopid stoopid stoopid.  I’ll try harder.   Otherwise, I still haven’t had any wild moments.  This program has been incorporated into my daily life without any difficulties.   I also forget to take all my supplements.  I’m feeling like a real ding dong lately.  Oh well,  onward, forward,  things will get better – they must!

Update for 10/18/07:  Today is my 14th day.  Not much to report again.  I’ve noticed this on all the other colon cleansing blogs too.  Pretty much the doldrums of reports until something dramatic happens.  Nothing dramatic so far.  No wormies, no reactions – just pluggin’ along.  I’ve read some pretty wild colon cleansing blogs, where people mention using chopsticks and other tools to investigate.  I’m just not one of those people.  They also mention seeing ‘grains of rice’ when they’ve consumed no rice.   Haven’t seen any rice yet.  My digestion is good, and I’m pretty much drinking the tea every other day, only for the reason that I forget.  I also forget to take my supplements still.  me = peabrain.   I’ll definately check in if something crazy happens.  I’m not really eating enough to have alot of activity.  I’m only having a salad at night.  Apparently other people eat three meals a day & have more things to note.  Oh well, I’m doin what I can.  

 Update for 10/21/07: 17 days.  I had a good day today, I finally slept again.  I barely notice that I’m on a cleansing program, not much to report.  I’d love to tell some dramatic stories, or even show ghastly pictures, but nothin so far.  The only thing that I notice is that I’m very thirsty at night if I haven’t completed my water intake for the day. I’ll keep in touch.

Update for 10/26/07: I’ve lapsed in this program. The 21st was my last day of slurping powdering drink & pills. That’s because I’ve been having trouble with nausea.  It’s not the program, it’s my gallbladder.  Since monday, today’s friday, I have had the dry heaves in the morning 3 times. This happened a couple of times last week too, but I didn’t much about it. I’m gonna try with the pills & powder again today & see if I get nauseous again. I think I was eating too much raw food for my tummy in the form of salads.  I wrote a blog about it, how long til I get better, my current bloggy.  Anyway, I’m still pluggin along..  I really would have thought I’d have much more dramatic results from this program.  Maybe it really does take 60 days.  Hope my gallbladder lasts.

10/30/07 Update: 26 days.  I’m supposed to be nearly done with this program, but I’m not.  I missed a bunch of days last week.  I think I found the reason why my gallbladder was so upset.  I had stevia pumpkin custard the other day (it’s the same recipe as pumpkin pie, but no crust, no sugar – I use stevia instead, it’s almost on my diet.. shhh…).  The spice mix I used had ginger in it.  I’ve known since I was a child never to eat ginger.  I didn’t know that having a slice of this pie was gonna make me wish I was dead.   I’m better now, my tummy isn’t so sensitive.  I’ve been back on the slurpy mix and the paranil pills with no troubles.  Still forgetting the tea, me dopey.  I figure I’ll be on this program for another 10 days still, or at least until I run out of the pills & slurp.  Here are two of the wildest cleansing blogs I’ve read: 

The second one is hilarious. Still nothing wild to report. At least for me, there’s still no sense that I’m on a cleansing program – no bathroom emergencies, no gas, no headaches, no bloating. I have lost 20lbs though. That’s the diet probably, not the colonix.



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