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CFS: My New Fear

April 10, 2008

I’m in the midst of my carefully devised plan to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I’ve changed my diet, found amazingly effective supplements in the form of NT Factor and D-Ribose, and I’ve garnered some success.  But a new fear is overtaking me lately.  The clinical studies involved with these ‘new found’ supplements reflect only a 40-45% improvement of CFS symptoms.  And this is where I am right now.  Does this mean that where I am is as good as it’s going to get?   Have I reached the pinnacle of improvement?

I no longer pour myself into the couch after walking just a few steps into the livingroom,  I can walk and do some normal life endeavors or attend an event without the need to collapse, but is this all there is?   I don’t know the answer….  I have to keep working, keep detoxing, keep hoping, keep praying…

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Chronic Fatigue and Post Holiday Recovery

January 28, 2008

Christmas came and everything was a wild flurry of indulgent activities.  I was feeling better and it showed.  I wrote earlier in December that I was able to participate in life a little more.  My family’s Christmas Party was the highlight of my energies – I actually had ‘Fun’.  That word describes an experience that has eluded me for years.  While I was at my family’s gathering, it occurred to me that I was standing and talking, smiling and joking.  Not one thought of needing to sit down!  Like a miracle.

 I did have to spend the next day recovering – but nothing like I used to.  I just needed to spend the day relaxing because I was tired.  Previously this recovery day would have made me feel like I was 1000 pounds of sludge – every tiny movement painful and weighted from the fatigue. 

But as other family and friend visitations continued into January, all of my various partyfood indulgences began to take their toll.  By January 10th, I was feeling much more tired, and back to a non-functioning mode of living again.  Once again, my diet became the culprit and focus of my malaise.  I knew had to clean up my act and pay careful attention to restricting my foods to veggies and meat.  It has taken me these 3-4 weeks of re-dieting to get back to where I was in terms of energy and lessened fatigue symptoms.  For a couple of weeks there, I wasn’t even sure I could get back – but I did! Yay!

This was the first time I’ve gone wayward on my diet since September – wholly crackamoni did I pay for my mistakes.  I won’t do that again.

Two things that I’ve noticed during this holiday recovery period:  taking my NT Factor diligently didn’t prevent or dissuade the CFS reactions I received from my naughty diet.  But, increasing my D-Ribose DID help my muscle pain.  This supplement always seems to have results the next day, if not within hours.  I have to be careful taking the d-ribose though, if I take it as recommended (1 teaspoons 3 times a day), I get wired and can’t sleep.  It’s a natural sugar, after all.  When my diet is good and I’m feeling better like I do now, I only take 1tsp a day.

Another thing that has really made a huge difference in my sense of well being is jamaican blue mountain coffee – quite specifically this bean.  I don’t know why it offers such a supreme sense of “feelin’ alright”, sometimes I think they must grow it next to the ganja, lol.  Sure, you might say it’s just the caffeine, but it’s not.  I’ve tried tons of other coffees, and I’ve had all kinds of caffeine buzzes, but this coffee literally makes all of me feel Good.  Expensive as hell though.  But it’s still cheaper than doctors and new fangled drugs.

What’s weird about the jamaican coffee (or perhaps it’s my entire dietary changes in conjunction, I’m not sure) is that not only does it make me feel good during the day – charging me up and letting me accomplish things; I am absolutely convinced it’s the thing that’s helping me sleep better too.  My theory:  the blue mountain coffee stimulates my body enough to make me feel better, while at the same time wearing me out (energy consumption) so at night I just fall asleep – boom! like a felled tree.  It’s strange and yet a very happy thing.  Or, it could be that the coffee is somehow furthering the ATP enhancement that the NT Factor promotes on a cellular level. 

Anyway, I’m back to where I was just then in December and I’m still improving, losing weight, looking forward and being happy….  Thinking about doing another round of colon cleansing to get even further ahead on this journey.  I’ll keep ya posted…

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Chronic Fatigue Tales: 10 Percent Better and More after 60 days

October 27, 2007

taking supplements

I wrote awhile back that I’m feeling 10 percent better.  It’s still true.  I notice now that I can actually stand and talk for a minute or two, without the thought of finding a chair while I’m talking.  This is an unheard of occurrence for the past 15 years or so. The thing is?  I’m not even very good at my own Chronic Fatigue Protocol.  Let me explain.  I’ve done a vast amount of research on Chronic Fatigue diet and treatments. I’ve read clinical studies, read hundreds of websites on ‘cures’.  I’ve reviewed a bunch of products that promote CFS cures – although I haven’t purchased  any, save my foray into the Colonix world.  My research has led me to develop a list of supplements that clinical studies have shown to improve chronic fatigue.  I have been taking some of them.  NT Factor and D-Ribose supplements have definitely given me this 10 percent improvement.  In addition to these two mainstays, I have kept myself on a fairly rigorous diet regimen.  I’ve now been on this CFS cure journey for nearly 60 days.

Here’s where I tend to be flakey.  I’m not good at taking my supplements at all.  I have developed a tender tummy of late, and find that I can’t take my supplements on an empty stomach.  Trouble is, I don’t eat very often.  I don’t recommend not eating,  I know I should be eating at least two meals a day, but I just ain’t got the appetite.  Nobody wants to eat veggies for breakfast.  This was the case before I started this program too.  So I average actually taking the NT Factor and D-Ribose about 3 or 4 times a week, and then only once a day.   The recommended dosage is 3 times a day for both. Refer to the complete list of nutritional support – Supplementing my supplements? here.  The other thing is that I don’t like taking vitamins at night – they tend to give me insomnia.  Oh hell, everything gives me insomnia.  It’s phobic anxious neurotic soma paranoia.  I digress.

Doesn’t it seem that all of living holds devious instances of Catch-22’s?  I can’t get my act together enough to be able to take my supplements, while if I took my supplements, I’d be able to get more of my act together.  Taking my supplements as directed should in theory help me sleep better too.  As my saying goes: “I’m working on it”.  But I’m still enthused and plan on getting better at taking these things and then getting better.

The other place where I flake is my diet.  It can feel so so so strict.  I’m eating my meat and veggies, but this is where I fail: I have some white flour crackers about 3 times a week.  Oh no not crackers! lol.  Are 8 crackers so bad?  I don’t know.  The other thing that I do is add rye crisp to my salads.  And a couple of times a week, I cook something that has cheese in the recipe.  I feel like I’m in a confessional here. 😉  The way I look at it – I’m still feeling better and as long as that’s true, I don’t think a little cracker attack is gonna haunt me.

My point in all this is to remind myself that if I can develop a habit of taking all my supplements as directed then I should see even more improvement.  I’m just happy that I don’t have that overwhelming crushing sense of fatigue everyday.  I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but now it’s a delivery truck – not a tanker.
10 Percent Better and More

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