My Love for Tibetan Culture

October 12, 2007

Gau It’s only in dreams that I can travel to Tibet. An ancient land of mystic wonder. I linger in thoughts of touching the Himalayan Mountains, chasing after the Yeti, pondering at the Buddhist Monks as they pass. I know that the region is steeped in political turmoil, but I get lost in the wonder of their culture.

My dreams are always accented by their colorful culture and art displays. When I see Tibetan Jewelry, I feel like I can keep a sense of that exotic spirit with me. The richness of their jewelry for me is best seen in their combination of Turquoise and Coral. Luminous and mystifying – the two stones touch my soul as if they’re singing in delicate harmonic resonance.

The best place that I’ve found to dream about Tibetan Jewelry is: Timeless Tibetan Treasures. I’m working toward being able to afford some of their necklaces, but for the moment, I’ll dream as I hold that pretty Tibetan Jewel Box (shown above) in my hand.

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