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I’m Feeling 10 Percent Better!

October 6, 2007
I’ve noticed a 10 percent reduction of my CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 35 days!  Smiling to myself,  I imagine you’re thinking : “What’s she so happy about? 10 percent is next to nothin.”  It’s huge to me, after wallowing in self-pity and ‘dissaustion’ (as my nephew used to say) for years.
How can one quantify a ten percent improvement?  Well..  I still feel like crap-o-la, but I notice that when I’m on my feet, I can do a couple of extra things without even thinking of the challenge.  For instance, last night I was making spinach casserole for dinner (mmm yummy I should post that recipe) and while the spinach was on the stove cooking, I just did the dishes – boom! done.  I must have stood there for 10 minutes without realizing it.  Typically, I’d be wholly mindful of any 10 minute standing session and at the forefront of my mind would be when I could sit down, where is the chair, I feel like I’m dying.   Not only that, but doing the dishes would not be my first choice of activity if I were presented with 10 free minutes of standing time.  I notice other little things too, but they’re still on the little scale. 
To compare, a prior spinach casserole cooking session would go like this:  put the spinach on the stove, go sit down immediately. rest.  go open the tomatoes and get the parmesan cheese, taking the spinach off the stove. go sit down. rest.  go complete the spinach recipe, putting it back on the stove. rest. 
What did I do to achieve this minor change?  I attribute this change to three things:  
  • Being entirely off of sugar, processed foods, white flour, most carbs for 30 days now. 
  • NT Factor 
  • Hope  
The transition to a no sugar, no processed food diet was difficult.  I got myself off of sugar first.  For the first three days, I allowed myself to eat anything under the sun that didn’t have obvious sugar in it.  I kept my tummy filled with potatoes, big mac’s, nachos, steak and diet pop.  (Advice to those of you that want to try this:  BBQ sauce and/or alcohol will cause your downfall – I consider them both obvious sugars.) The idea here was to distract my body’s craving for sugar by overloading on carbs and fat.  Then after 3 days, my body wasn’t absolutely demanding sugar – I could think relatively straight.  Then I began the strict diet of steamed vegies and one serving of meat per meal.   There’s another trick here too.  I eat my vegies first.  If I begin by eating a piece of steak or some chicken cacciatore, I can’t eat all my vegies.  The large servings (usually 3 cups) of vegies are what keep me from being hungry later.
NT Factor has been shown to clinically reduce fatigue among CFS patients by improving mitochondrial/ATP function.  I’ve discussed these clinical studies in an earlier blog, Oxidative Stress, under Mitochondrial Anarchy.  The product that I use is called NT Factor Energy.  I purchased this from Dr. Hoffman’s website.  NT Factor is available in a couple of different health supplements, but I wanted to take it as a stand-alone product, simply because I had already purchased my vitamin formulas separately.  Within four days of taking these pills, I could feel my brain fog clearing.  I’ve now been on this supplement for 10 days.  My condition has definitely improved.  I think in the clinical studies, patients were placed on this supplement for 12 weeks before their energy levels were compared.
Hope – I can’t say enough about the psychology of hope.  Languishing under the CFS onslaught, I was mourning so many losses: no hope of ever being on a trail in the Yellowstone wilderness and coming upon a moose again.  No hope of ever gliding my canoe across that pure silken coal-black water in the Boundary Waters  again.  No hope of finding a gold or diamond necklace under the sand while metal detecting at the beach.  Things have changed.  I’m starting to dream!


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CFS: The Problems with Success Stories

October 6, 2007
When I hear stories of sufferers that have overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I admit that I’m very skeptical.  I think many people have jumped on the CFS bandwagon that may simply be suffering from general malaise, inadequate nutrition or poor sleep habits.   I’ve read some stories of people having ‘recovered’ in three weeks or less.  Did they really have CFS?  Were they completely debilitated by their condition?  How long had they had their symptoms?
So often in these tales on the internet, there is no backstory to their illness.  Had they even been diagnosed by a Doctor?  It’s difficult to take these stories to heart for those of us who have suffered with this illness for years.  So many of us are invalids, not entirely bed-ridden, and yet we struggle to do the most modest of daily functions: bathing, getting dressed, cooking, housekeeping.  I describe myself as being “very good at sitting down”.  If I’m sitting, I can pretty much do anything.  For me, that means I spend a great deal of time writing, researching, reading and watching tv.  I’ve endured in this minimal existence for more than a decade.  My unwillingness to give up the rest of my life to this syndrome has lead me to read every success story that I can find on the net.
I’m suffering financially from this illness, otherwise I’d purchase every book available that details the lives of those that have overcome CFS/M.E.  I would love to hear of people that were completely debilitated and found curative measures that brought them back to the land of the living.  My heart would leap to hear they were back to full time employment, strenuous exercise and enjoying the activities that they once loved. 
Despite that I feel like roadkill today,  I plan on being one of those success stories.  I don’t care if I have to exist on raw garlic, sauerkraut and water.  I am going to do this.  Then I’ll write about it 🙂
If you’re one of those people that has come back to life after existing in this crippling dungeon of Chronic Fatigue for years.  Please drop me a line.  I’d like to share your story.


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An Amazing Transformation: Detox vs. Diet Psychology

October 4, 2007

Something truly amazing has happened to me during the past 30 days.  I have no craving for sugar or junk food! none!  When I first starting this program, all of my friends and family were encouraging me with kind words and cheers of support.   The forefront of their encouragement has been: “As long as you can stay off of sugar, you’re sure to succeed.”  The underlying inference is the constant threat of sugar craving.  It’s true for many of us.  Most “diets” fail because sugar cravings and the sense of personal deprivation becomes overwhelming. 

In the past, when I have been on diets to lose weight or improve my health in general, my sugar cravings have been outrageous.  I constantly struggled with a huge sense of self-pity, the seeming loss of all the things that made me “happy”.  In some specific location in my brain, my psyche was telling me that ALL of my happiness was derived from chocolate cake and soda pop.  I couldn’t shake my feeling of tremendous grief over the loss of all the goodness in my life.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true nonetheless.  It’s amazing to recognize how our cravings can manipulate our brain, re-routing our logic pathways, subverting our impulses, directing us toward failure.  Just how powerful are these yeasts and blood sugar fluctuations? Powerful enough to continually overcome any logic, any commitment, willpower, my dreams, my health.   Time after time, diet after diet failed under my body’s screaming toddler-like tantrum for sugar.  This endless sugar feeding cycle has kept me in a stupor for years upon years.


In the past 30 days, my mind and body have gone through an astounding transformation.  I no longer have even a twinge of sugar craving.  I believe that this is 100% attributable to a change in my psyche.  My brain realizes that I’m not dieting :  I’m detoxing, cleansing, becoming healthy.  The psychology of this process is so interesting.  It’s as if my focus on this treatment program is coming from a completely different place in my brain.  I don’t have any sense of deprivation or denial.  I have no feeling of loss or mourning.  There is no food in my mind (other than lemons, oddly enough) that spells ‘happiness’.   I don’t even think about food much anymore,  now my body responds to the sense of hunger and the need for sustenance. 

I’m absorbed in positive thoughts of improving my condition.  I’m entirely focused on only those foods that afford the best nutrition while killing off the nasties that grow inside me.  It’s a different consciousness altogether, a different synapse pathway,  my logic is finally in control.  My mind now recognizes when it’s being manipulated by my blood sugar, or the yeast crying out for carbs or sugar.  Moreover, I smirk because I know that my diet is killing them off and they’re crying out in pain.  They’re not gonna win this time.

I am so happy to be relieved of that constant heavy burden of cravings.  That sense of “woe is me” has vanished.  Happiness does exist without chocolate cake, dr. pepper and pizza.  I’m filled with anticipation for the time when my days can include rigorous exercise, fishing, metal detecting on the beach and some serious housecleaning 🙂   Those days are coming, I know!  I finally have hope!



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Doctor Visits through the Years

October 3, 2007

chernobyltimeshare.gifMy faith in medical doctors has diminished through the years.  When I was 17, my mom took me to a doctor to lose weight.  He put me on amphetamines for a year.  I think I lost 10lbs.  The repercussions have been lifelong.  Perhaps, this treatment is at the root of most of my troubles.  It’s my considered opinion that the amphetamines caused: adrenal fatigue/hypoglycemia, relentless tooth decay, toxicity ultimately leading to Chronic Fatigue.

When having hypoglycemia, my mom took me to an endocrinologist – his conclusion: I was taking drugs, get me into rehab.  I pursued healing through a chiropractor instead – his conclusion: hypoglycemia/toxicity.  He put me on a detox diet, supplements and sauerkraut enemas.  I was cured in 9 months.

When I was in my early 30’s, I decided to do something about the hair under my chin and my testosterone overproduction (I’m female 😉  ).  My gynecologist prescribed birth control pills.  The result: severe asthma, debilitating clinical depression (for one year), susceptibility to the CFS virus.  The hair under my chin didn’t improve, btw.  (I’ve since had it miraculously removed through laser treatment – yay!)

The severe asthma lead me to a Dr. at the university.  She prescribed theophiline.  The result: again, I suspect it left me vulnerable to the CFS virus, which I contracted at the University.  Several students in my landscape architecture studio had the virus during that time. (The L.A. studio was very small – perhaps 75 students or less.)


For years during my struggle with chronic fatigue and asthma, I was inundated by a series of lung infections, often leading to emergency room visits.  I was continually placed on antibiotics and prednisone.  (2 well documented drugs that can inflame CFS symptoms.)  At one point, I was placed in the Intensive Care Unit after taking a flu shot.  After I got out of the hospital, my sinus infection never left.  I was placed on Augmentin for 6 months.  At this point, I relapsed – completely debilitated and bedridden from CFS once again.

After reading Crook’s “The Yeast Connection”, I sought treatment from a Dr. listed in his book.  This doctor prescribed a series of allergy tests.  The allergy testing again, made me collapse after each test.  He also placed me on Diflucan.  While I was taking the diflucan, I was much improved, but after each prescription ran out, the CFS symptoms returned full force.  This did prove to me however, that the candida connection is an important component in my energy levels.  I also sought out additional chiropractor treatments.  My back feels great but no solace for the CFS weary.

Not long ago, my brother said to me: “Why don’t you think yourself better?”  I wanted to smack him, does everyone just think I’m lazy?  But I responded to his comment.  I decided that I could work toward a 50 mile backpacking trip in Yellowstone Park – that would fix me, right?  I trained from February to July, beginning with 10 minute walks, graduating in time to 4 mile hikes with a 40lb pack.  From the very beginning of training through to the Yellowstone trip, each time I trained, I collapsed afterward.  I would immediately fall asleep after walking in the door, and then require one or two rest days afterward.  The situation was the same in Yellowstone.  We backpacked in 3.5 miles to the campsite on our first day – I collapsed immediately.  Fortunately for me, snowy weather threatened and we returned to the car campground the following day.  I was exhausted.  Proving to me that I can’t cure CFS through exercise, despite improving my stamina.


I sought out another Dr.’s treatment.  This time I was placed on Wellbutrin, which has shown some relief for CFS sufferers.  This nasty stuff put a clamp on my brain that I can barely describe, I truly felt like I was in a concentration camp:  “You Will smile when you say that!”  I lasted on that treatment three days.  I felt like suing that doctor for cruel and unusual punishment.

So here I am, back to square one, nearly at the point of drinking sauerkraut juice for breakfast again, not to mention flinging it up my butt.  (Weird part is, that chiropractor guy died, or I’d be back in his office.)  The truth of the matter is that I simply don’t have enough energy to seek any doctor’s treatment.  Just that process of several visits, having to shower and dress, then interact and take test after test, feels like it would kill me.  I’m much too tired.  Not to mention the fact that I simply cannot afford it.

But, after all this,  I do have great hope.  I really believe I’m on the right track.  I’m in this for the long-haul.  I anticipate that by June, 2008, I’ll be able to start training again for that Yellowstone trip – for real this time, with no collapse – yay me!thathurtsdoesit.gif

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Crank-o-matic Morning

October 2, 2007


Do people get any more cranky than this?  Ouchie! what a bad night.  Last night’s dinner was a little light.  Just cauliflower and veggie soup.  I did this specifically, so I could take an additional fungal defense tab – directions say to add one more tab a day until 7 is reached.  I was up to 6 tabs, and I looked up on the net that they should be taken on an empty stomach.  Woe is me! About 1am (of course I wasn’t asleep yet) I got the gurglies and then the violent chuck-o-purgies.  My tummy still hurts this morning.  But that ain’t all.   I live near the tracks, and there was train after train outside my window all night.  On one hand, gee that sounds good for the economy, all those people buying cars from the Chrysler plant down yonder.  On the other hand, 20 tonned hulking metal machines screaming outside my window doesn’t make for the sweetest of slumbers.

And as my nephew once described me with his ‘r’ speech impediment: “Cawwie, you’we a wowwy wawt”.  I am indeed a worry wart, even while I sleep.   Anxious while I’m sleeping, I was worried about deliveries, no wonder I haven’t been dreaming about Jeter lately.  In my brain, worrying is a dysfunction of the subterranian galley, the meatworks on the 3rd level of the cerebellum, adjacent to the boilerplate.  See it down there?




I am expecting a UPS shipment of vitamins today.   I’m always worried that they’ll leave without dropping off the package.  And then something was banging and rocking the house, jolting me awake at 10am (fell asleep at 5am).   It turned out to be the neighbors. 

I don’t have my magic lemonade,  and that just makes my hairy brow furrow like a vole in crunchy new tilled earth.  Moreover, it’s a stinkers on high day, since I have to go 2o miles to make blueprints.  It’s a job I’ve already been paid for and all my motivation then has left me.

Ordinarily, on a day like this, I’d treat myself with a tasty bubbley can of Dr. Pepper, I might even get wild with a chocolate donut.  But alas, no treats for the sweets.  It’s not as if I can create a reward system with cabbage or green beans.  🙂    And so it goes with Crankic Fatigue Syndrome – But don’t worry, I’ll feel better in awhile.


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Supplementing my supplements?

October 1, 2007

If I plan to beat this nasty chronic fatigue thing to any degree, I recognize that there are physiological components that I must address.  From my peabrain research, it’s clear that diet alone ain’t gonna cut it.   Studies have shown that damage has been done on a cellular level.  Mitochondrial support is crucial.  In addition to my dietary overhaul, attention also needs to be paid to the function of my intestines.  It seems reasonable that it’s very difficult to absorb any supplements if my colon is a complete mess.  So, the current four pronged approach becomes:  1. detox diet 2. fix my colon through cleansing/yeast fighting 3. supplement my aching body 4. Communicate with my mitochondria and love them like my own little babies.

All of the supplements that I’m taking as listed below, are an amalgam of CFS research on countless sites, by numerous studies.  Perhaps the foremost is Dr. Teitelbaum’s treatment protocol for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I know that his protocol was developed after reading many of the same clinical studies that I have reviewed.  Getting to a point where I feel better with CFS seems a complicated task.  And since I got a D in chemistry (had the active virus during that coursework – ouch!), having to delve into the Krebs Cycle once again to figure out what’s wrong with me makes my little wormy brain squirm & wiggle under the pressure.  But I feel like I’m getting there!

Vitamins/Minerals Dose
Alpha Base Multiple Vit/Mineral Tab 4 x week
B6 100mg (if no Alpha) 1 x day
B12 – sublingual 2mg (if no Alpha) 1 x day
Calcium 1000/Magnesium500 2 x day
Iron 50mg 1 x day
Molybdenum 500mcg 1 x day
Ultimate Zinc 24mg/Vitamin C 150mg 1 x day
Mitochondrial Treatments

Creatine (shipment hasn’t come yet)
Coenzyme Q10 -100mg 1 x day
D-Ribose powder 5g 3 x day
NT Factor – Phosphoglycolipids 3 x day
NADH 20mg 1 x day
Nac N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 500mg 1 x day
Yeast Fighters
Caprylic Acid 2 Tabs (alternate w/others) 1 x day
Solaray Yeast Cleanse (alternate) 6 x day
Fungal Defense (alternate) 4 x day
Primal Defense (soon as alternate)
Pau D’arco Tea 4 x week
Colonix w/parasite killer 30 day program
Now (brand) 8 Bil. Acidoph & Bifidus 2 x day
Various probiotics are in NT Factor

I know that to many readers, this list of supplements seems enormous.   I’m still researching which supplement conflicts with another.  So far, I know that the NADH has to be taken separately from others, as it is destroyed by supplemental acids.  Also, don’t take B-Vitamins on an empty stomach.  I’ll keep researching this too.

I already feel better on this program.  So far, I’ve been on the diet for 3 weeks, and have only taken the NT Factor for one week – it’s made quite a difference.  I’m not dancing any jigs yet, but I hurt less, can stand a little longer, have been doing the dishes and I sleep a little better.  So far so good!

peabrain soup