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Doctor Visits through the Years

October 3, 2007

chernobyltimeshare.gifMy faith in medical doctors has diminished through the years.  When I was 17, my mom took me to a doctor to lose weight.  He put me on amphetamines for a year.  I think I lost 10lbs.  The repercussions have been lifelong.  Perhaps, this treatment is at the root of most of my troubles.  It’s my considered opinion that the amphetamines caused: adrenal fatigue/hypoglycemia, relentless tooth decay, toxicity ultimately leading to Chronic Fatigue.

When having hypoglycemia, my mom took me to an endocrinologist – his conclusion: I was taking drugs, get me into rehab.  I pursued healing through a chiropractor instead – his conclusion: hypoglycemia/toxicity.  He put me on a detox diet, supplements and sauerkraut enemas.  I was cured in 9 months.

When I was in my early 30’s, I decided to do something about the hair under my chin and my testosterone overproduction (I’m female 😉  ).  My gynecologist prescribed birth control pills.  The result: severe asthma, debilitating clinical depression (for one year), susceptibility to the CFS virus.  The hair under my chin didn’t improve, btw.  (I’ve since had it miraculously removed through laser treatment – yay!)

The severe asthma lead me to a Dr. at the university.  She prescribed theophiline.  The result: again, I suspect it left me vulnerable to the CFS virus, which I contracted at the University.  Several students in my landscape architecture studio had the virus during that time. (The L.A. studio was very small – perhaps 75 students or less.)


For years during my struggle with chronic fatigue and asthma, I was inundated by a series of lung infections, often leading to emergency room visits.  I was continually placed on antibiotics and prednisone.  (2 well documented drugs that can inflame CFS symptoms.)  At one point, I was placed in the Intensive Care Unit after taking a flu shot.  After I got out of the hospital, my sinus infection never left.  I was placed on Augmentin for 6 months.  At this point, I relapsed – completely debilitated and bedridden from CFS once again.

After reading Crook’s “The Yeast Connection”, I sought treatment from a Dr. listed in his book.  This doctor prescribed a series of allergy tests.  The allergy testing again, made me collapse after each test.  He also placed me on Diflucan.  While I was taking the diflucan, I was much improved, but after each prescription ran out, the CFS symptoms returned full force.  This did prove to me however, that the candida connection is an important component in my energy levels.  I also sought out additional chiropractor treatments.  My back feels great but no solace for the CFS weary.

Not long ago, my brother said to me: “Why don’t you think yourself better?”  I wanted to smack him, does everyone just think I’m lazy?  But I responded to his comment.  I decided that I could work toward a 50 mile backpacking trip in Yellowstone Park – that would fix me, right?  I trained from February to July, beginning with 10 minute walks, graduating in time to 4 mile hikes with a 40lb pack.  From the very beginning of training through to the Yellowstone trip, each time I trained, I collapsed afterward.  I would immediately fall asleep after walking in the door, and then require one or two rest days afterward.  The situation was the same in Yellowstone.  We backpacked in 3.5 miles to the campsite on our first day – I collapsed immediately.  Fortunately for me, snowy weather threatened and we returned to the car campground the following day.  I was exhausted.  Proving to me that I can’t cure CFS through exercise, despite improving my stamina.


I sought out another Dr.’s treatment.  This time I was placed on Wellbutrin, which has shown some relief for CFS sufferers.  This nasty stuff put a clamp on my brain that I can barely describe, I truly felt like I was in a concentration camp:  “You Will smile when you say that!”  I lasted on that treatment three days.  I felt like suing that doctor for cruel and unusual punishment.

So here I am, back to square one, nearly at the point of drinking sauerkraut juice for breakfast again, not to mention flinging it up my butt.  (Weird part is, that chiropractor guy died, or I’d be back in his office.)  The truth of the matter is that I simply don’t have enough energy to seek any doctor’s treatment.  Just that process of several visits, having to shower and dress, then interact and take test after test, feels like it would kill me.  I’m much too tired.  Not to mention the fact that I simply cannot afford it.

But, after all this,  I do have great hope.  I really believe I’m on the right track.  I’m in this for the long-haul.  I anticipate that by June, 2008, I’ll be able to start training again for that Yellowstone trip – for real this time, with no collapse – yay me!thathurtsdoesit.gif

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