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CFS is better – I took a walk for fun!

December 16, 2007

CFS is better 2Earlier this week, we had an icestorm.  It wasn’t devastating like some places in the u.s., just a coating of ice that made travelling difficult until it melted.  I had to go to the post office, about 5 blocks from my home – the dilemna: chip out my car from the ice and drive the 5 blocks, or walk on the salted streets?   I measured the energy outlay in my mind & chose the walk over the chipping.  It was a sunny morning, all of the ice was glittering and shimmering like rainbow white light.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a chronic fatigue sufferer, you probably can’t relate to this post.  But if you are a person with cfs – you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Taking the energy to walk 10 blocks total may mean the end to any other accomplishment I had in mind for the day, even though this activity would only take me about 25 minutes to complete, there was the possibility it might make me spent.  But I felt pretty good, and I was easily inspired by the sparkle glow.

I went to the post office with ease, despite the patches of deadly ice.  I was marvelling at the icedripped trees, the catch of rainbow light refracted in tiny prisms on the branches.  Sometimes nature can just be glorious.  The most amazing thing was, that after I arrived home, without sitting down –  I grabbed my camera and headed back out again!  I had to capture the feeling of the morning.  Of course my photos won’t do near justice to the magic of clear icelight, but  I have proof that I acted like a normal person for about 20 minutes of time. 

I did something just for fun!

CFS is better - I took a walk for fun!

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Strangest Thing: Angel Visits

December 5, 2007

Angel Visits in My SleepLast night it happened again.  Feel free to call me crazy, but an angel woke me from my sleep.  This is the second time that it’s happened in a year.  Both times that this happened, I was in the middle of a dream.  Last night, I was dreaming that I had upset my uncle by joking about his hounddog.  I was snickering to my hubby about how stupid my uncle was to think that we could affect the dog’s health by stressing it out and making it bark.  In this dream, while I was laughing, I saw the shadow of my uncle coming to swat me with some papers or his hat.  In my bed,  my body was probably in a mix of laughing and then gasping while I ducked from the incoming swat.  Just at this moment, a male angel touched me gently on the forehead and whispered “You’re ok”.   So bizarre.

The touch wasn’t in the dream, and it was clearly on my forehead, not the back of my head where my uncle would have whacked me.  I distinctly heard the whisper, also not part of the dream, and it woke me from my sleep.   The only thing that kind of upset me was that the angel’s touch woke me and then, since I knew it was an angel (I sleep alone), I couldn’t get back to sleep.

This same thing happened to me about a year ago.  My father passed away more than 20 years ago.  But I miss him terribly.  We had a special connection, and I still grieve.  During my sleep one night, I was crying about my dad’s death, literally sobbing in my dream and probably in actuality as well.  Right in the middle of my dreaming, I felt a real male hand softly touch me in the middle of my back and whisper: “Are you ok?”  Again, this occurrence woke me from my slumber.  

I often wonder if things like this happen to other people.  I strongly believe in angels and their protection.  I just wish they wouldn’t wake me when I’m breathing weird when I sleep. 

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Moving into TwentyFive Percent Better with Chronic Fatigue

December 4, 2007

I started this Chronic Fatigue journey in September.  After 17 years of complete debilitation, suffering and lack of any zeal for life, I am awakening, enlivening, becoming whole.  I’m nearly in tears to think where I’ve come from and now where I stand, yes, stand! 

It was about a month ago that I began to see some real improvement in my CFS symptoms, I noticed I actually ‘wanted’ to do the dishes and attend to daily living matters.  Prior to this, everything – every single tiny motion was a forced struggle.  Simple things that normal people do, like brushing my hair or teeth, were a monumental task that required a pep-talk and dredging for inner motivation to accomplish.  I’m now proud to admit that wearing underwear, brushing my hair and teeth, showering are just a daily part of living – no pep talk required!

I’m no energy whirlwind by any means.  I still tire easily,  I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes.  But I’m coming from a place where I couldn’t stand on my feet at all.  There are things about having chronic fatigue syndrome that I didn’t even know I was missing.  Let me explain further.  I didn’t realize that my capacity for any emotional depth, perception, experience was entirely lacking.  All of a sudden, I can Feel!  When this first started happening, I thought it was my hormones going crazy or something, but then I realized, it’s emotional energy that I’ve found.  Amazing.  Who would have ever thought that being happy or sad or pissed off was tied to physiology? 

In this blog, I’ve often said that I’m filled with hope – now I’m filled with expectation.  I feel like I’m among the living once again.  I look forward to experiences, activities, adventures.  Now I am certain I can recover and regain most of what has been out of reach for so many years.  Thank you Chronic Fatigue Scientist and Researcher Guys!

TwentyFive Percent Better with Chronic Fatigue

For those of you looking to recover from this nastyass illness, these are the things that I did:

  1. Changed my diet:  I have blogged about my diet here, and have excluded all sugar, white flour, processed foods.  I’ve adopted a diet of mostly veggies, some chicken and beef.  Me no likey seafood.
  2. Cleansing program:  I did Colonix for 30 days, with no real visible results, although I’m sure it helped me.
  3. Nutritional Supplements:  I attribute at least 60% of my improvement so far to two nutritional aids – NT Factor and D-Ribose.  I’ve blogged about how these two supplements have been clinically proven to reduce chronic fatigue symptoms, by affecting mitochondria on the cellular level.  I can wholeheartedly attest to that truth.

I’m not the most disciplined person on the earth.  I still waver in my diet and eat crackers and pretzels and drink coffee – all naughties.  I don’t take my supplements religiously or even as often as directed.  While a 20 minute walk would be good for me on a daily basis, I usually save my energy for housecleaning (yes I’ve been cleaning my house!) or sexual delights with hubby.   I still can’t report that I sleep any better either.   It’s fair to say that my sleeping problems existed long before I was cfs weary.

And while I do engage in online marketing of various things (mostly toys), I’m not trying to sell you anything.  So freaking often on the net, when you read some blog that sounds promising, you get to the bottom to find that they’re just hawking some product.  I’m not –  I’m bound and determined simply to get the word out that improvement, feeling better exists.   Feel free to contact me.

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