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Oxidative Molecular Stress?!?!

September 28, 2007

Recent research has shown clearly that CFS causes a breakdown of the mitochondrial system, thereby reducing ATP production.  ATP is where all the body’s energy is generated.  The biochemistry of CFS and it’s affect on the cell is a little heady to me, but I get the basics.  It can be summed up in one phrase: oxidative molecular stressMy teenyweeny mitochondria are as fatigued as I am! Poor little things. 

At this point, I can imagine my tiny mitochondria, the whole millions or billions of them, each with David Hedison’s Face (The Fly), crying out in unison: “helllllpppp meeeee” .

The Fly

Current research on this topic suggests that various therapies can be directed toward improving mitochondrial function and health.   One of the most promising is NT Factor – a proprietary blend of Lipid Replacement.  Recent studies have shown a reduction of fatigue in CFS patients up to 40%.  I consider it a ‘higher priced’ supplement –  taken as directed, about $50 bucks a month.  But! I’ve only been taking this supplement for four days and I notice immediate cognitive improvement, lessened body aches, and a degree of diminished fatigue.  I’m so enthused!  

Although these studies show that NT Factor can indeed improve mitochondrial function and lessen fatigue, it is not the only answer to CFS.  My research continues, but I now have more energy and for the first time in years upon years, I have hope. 

Components of NT Factor™ and their proposed functions (modified from ref. 44). NT Factor is a registered trademark of Nutritional Therapeutics, Inc., PO Box 596, Hauppauge NY 11788.  NT Factor is a nutrient complex that is extracted and prepared using a proprietary process. In addition, nutrients, vitamins and probiotic microorganisms are added to the preparation. It contains the following ingredients: Glycophospholipids: polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine, other polyunsaturated phosphatidyl lipids and glycolipids. Proposed purpose: repair and maintenance of membrane lipids. Probiotics: Bifido bacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and Lactobacillus bacillus in a freeze-dried, microencapsulated form with appropriate growth nutrients. Proposed purpose: supports digestion, gut epithelium and the immune system. Food Supplements,Vitamins, and Growth Medium: bacterial growth factors to support probiotic growth, including defatted rice bran, arginine, beet root fiber extract, blackstrap molasses, glycine, magnesium sulfate, para-amino-benzoate, leek extract, pantethine (bifidus growth factor), taurine, garlic extract, calcium borogluconate, artichoke extract, potassium citrate, calcium sulfate, spirulina, bromelain, natural vitamin E, calcium ascorbate, alpha-lipoic acid, oligosaccharides, vitamin B6, niacinamide, riboflavin, inositol, niacin, calcium pantothenate, thiamin, vitamin B12, folic acid, chromium picolinate. Proposed purpose: antioxidants support lipids from oxidation, growth medium supports probiotics and gut epithelium, vitamins support general health and the immune system, and food supplements support lipids from enzymatic digestion and oxidation.

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