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Supplementing my supplements?

October 1, 2007

If I plan to beat this nasty chronic fatigue thing to any degree, I recognize that there are physiological components that I must address.  From my peabrain research, it’s clear that diet alone ain’t gonna cut it.   Studies have shown that damage has been done on a cellular level.  Mitochondrial support is crucial.  In addition to my dietary overhaul, attention also needs to be paid to the function of my intestines.  It seems reasonable that it’s very difficult to absorb any supplements if my colon is a complete mess.  So, the current four pronged approach becomes:  1. detox diet 2. fix my colon through cleansing/yeast fighting 3. supplement my aching body 4. Communicate with my mitochondria and love them like my own little babies.

All of the supplements that I’m taking as listed below, are an amalgam of CFS research on countless sites, by numerous studies.  Perhaps the foremost is Dr. Teitelbaum’s treatment protocol for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I know that his protocol was developed after reading many of the same clinical studies that I have reviewed.  Getting to a point where I feel better with CFS seems a complicated task.  And since I got a D in chemistry (had the active virus during that coursework – ouch!), having to delve into the Krebs Cycle once again to figure out what’s wrong with me makes my little wormy brain squirm & wiggle under the pressure.  But I feel like I’m getting there!

Vitamins/Minerals Dose
Alpha Base Multiple Vit/Mineral Tab 4 x week
B6 100mg (if no Alpha) 1 x day
B12 – sublingual 2mg (if no Alpha) 1 x day
Calcium 1000/Magnesium500 2 x day
Iron 50mg 1 x day
Molybdenum 500mcg 1 x day
Ultimate Zinc 24mg/Vitamin C 150mg 1 x day
Mitochondrial Treatments

Creatine (shipment hasn’t come yet)
Coenzyme Q10 -100mg 1 x day
D-Ribose powder 5g 3 x day
NT Factor – Phosphoglycolipids 3 x day
NADH 20mg 1 x day
Nac N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 500mg 1 x day
Yeast Fighters
Caprylic Acid 2 Tabs (alternate w/others) 1 x day
Solaray Yeast Cleanse (alternate) 6 x day
Fungal Defense (alternate) 4 x day
Primal Defense (soon as alternate)
Pau D’arco Tea 4 x week
Colonix w/parasite killer 30 day program
Now (brand) 8 Bil. Acidoph & Bifidus 2 x day
Various probiotics are in NT Factor

I know that to many readers, this list of supplements seems enormous.   I’m still researching which supplement conflicts with another.  So far, I know that the NADH has to be taken separately from others, as it is destroyed by supplemental acids.  Also, don’t take B-Vitamins on an empty stomach.  I’ll keep researching this too.

I already feel better on this program.  So far, I’ve been on the diet for 3 weeks, and have only taken the NT Factor for one week – it’s made quite a difference.  I’m not dancing any jigs yet, but I hurt less, can stand a little longer, have been doing the dishes and I sleep a little better.  So far so good!

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