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Crank-o-matic Morning

October 2, 2007


Do people get any more cranky than this?  Ouchie! what a bad night.  Last night’s dinner was a little light.  Just cauliflower and veggie soup.  I did this specifically, so I could take an additional fungal defense tab – directions say to add one more tab a day until 7 is reached.  I was up to 6 tabs, and I looked up on the net that they should be taken on an empty stomach.  Woe is me! About 1am (of course I wasn’t asleep yet) I got the gurglies and then the violent chuck-o-purgies.  My tummy still hurts this morning.  But that ain’t all.   I live near the tracks, and there was train after train outside my window all night.  On one hand, gee that sounds good for the economy, all those people buying cars from the Chrysler plant down yonder.  On the other hand, 20 tonned hulking metal machines screaming outside my window doesn’t make for the sweetest of slumbers.

And as my nephew once described me with his ‘r’ speech impediment: “Cawwie, you’we a wowwy wawt”.  I am indeed a worry wart, even while I sleep.   Anxious while I’m sleeping, I was worried about deliveries, no wonder I haven’t been dreaming about Jeter lately.  In my brain, worrying is a dysfunction of the subterranian galley, the meatworks on the 3rd level of the cerebellum, adjacent to the boilerplate.  See it down there?




I am expecting a UPS shipment of vitamins today.   I’m always worried that they’ll leave without dropping off the package.  And then something was banging and rocking the house, jolting me awake at 10am (fell asleep at 5am).   It turned out to be the neighbors. 

I don’t have my magic lemonade,  and that just makes my hairy brow furrow like a vole in crunchy new tilled earth.  Moreover, it’s a stinkers on high day, since I have to go 2o miles to make blueprints.  It’s a job I’ve already been paid for and all my motivation then has left me.

Ordinarily, on a day like this, I’d treat myself with a tasty bubbley can of Dr. Pepper, I might even get wild with a chocolate donut.  But alas, no treats for the sweets.  It’s not as if I can create a reward system with cabbage or green beans.  🙂    And so it goes with Crankic Fatigue Syndrome – But don’t worry, I’ll feel better in awhile.


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