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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – You’re Not Alone

March 19, 2008

No Brainer 

I’m living proof that your CFS  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can improve!  How did I get here after suffering for so very long?  In this article I’ll show you briefly where I’ve been and how I’ve improved to the point of being able to get dressed and being able exercize and live again.   First and foremost, it’s important to realize that even though you probably can’t get out of your house – you’re not alone.

You’re not alone in not being mobile or active, and you’re also not alone when you’re searching for advice, research and community.  Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be devastating to your life and emotional health; we all need to take advantage of the resources at our fingertips.  The Chronic Fatigue Treatments Forum is one of the sites that I’ve used for outstanding and varied treatment information as well as a community of common sufferers that offer the support you’re looking for.

This CFS forum details several Chronic Fatigue Protocols: Amy Yasko, Garth Nicholson, Marshall Protocol, the leaders in cfs research, and more importantly proven results.   In addition, Jacob Teitelbaum’s clinical trials are covered in another area , which features a discussion on D-Ribose, a supplement that I can personally attest has done absolute wonders for my fibromyalgia pain as I’ve discussed previously in my blog.

In September of 2007, I was completely unable to get dressed or go out.  On this particular day – Labor Day Weekend, I had asked hubby to set aside time for me so that I could do “whatever I wanted”.  This meant dinner and a movie.  But I couldn’t even brush my hair or teeth on that day, let alone go out. I decided that was the absolute limit of the depths of my illness – I just wasn’t going to stand for it anymore.  (I use the word ‘stand’ as a pun – Orthostatic intolerance, OI, or the inability to stand for any length of time is the primary symptom of CFS.)

Since many of my difficulties in life can be attributed to medications that I’ve received in the past, I decided to go on an all natural treatment protocol.  Two supplements NT Factor and D-Ribose have helped me to the point of being able to get dressed, exercise, do the dishes, get groceries And make dinner all in the same day.  Amazing!  NT Factor has helped with creating energy, D-Ribose has helped me with the overwhelming pain of daily living. 

Supplements aren’t the only answer though.  I’ve carefully researched the effects of diet and digestion on CFS and have found that I’ll be on my clean diet program for many months, if not years to come.   I simplify this diet into three words on another blog post: water, meat, veggies.  Other people discuss their diet and supplement results on the CFS Forum too.  All kinds of helpful info. 

My most sincere desire is that for anyone with CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia to realize that they’re not alone –  You CAN feel better,  there IS hope,  the research is showing results, you can do it without spending a million dollars on doctors or drugs, and the Community is there for you.


CFS is better – I took a walk for fun!

December 16, 2007

CFS is better 2Earlier this week, we had an icestorm.  It wasn’t devastating like some places in the u.s., just a coating of ice that made travelling difficult until it melted.  I had to go to the post office, about 5 blocks from my home – the dilemna: chip out my car from the ice and drive the 5 blocks, or walk on the salted streets?   I measured the energy outlay in my mind & chose the walk over the chipping.  It was a sunny morning, all of the ice was glittering and shimmering like rainbow white light.

If you’re reading this and you’re not a chronic fatigue sufferer, you probably can’t relate to this post.  But if you are a person with cfs – you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Taking the energy to walk 10 blocks total may mean the end to any other accomplishment I had in mind for the day, even though this activity would only take me about 25 minutes to complete, there was the possibility it might make me spent.  But I felt pretty good, and I was easily inspired by the sparkle glow.

I went to the post office with ease, despite the patches of deadly ice.  I was marvelling at the icedripped trees, the catch of rainbow light refracted in tiny prisms on the branches.  Sometimes nature can just be glorious.  The most amazing thing was, that after I arrived home, without sitting down –  I grabbed my camera and headed back out again!  I had to capture the feeling of the morning.  Of course my photos won’t do near justice to the magic of clear icelight, but  I have proof that I acted like a normal person for about 20 minutes of time. 

I did something just for fun!

CFS is better - I took a walk for fun!

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Moving into TwentyFive Percent Better with Chronic Fatigue

December 4, 2007

I started this Chronic Fatigue journey in September.  After 17 years of complete debilitation, suffering and lack of any zeal for life, I am awakening, enlivening, becoming whole.  I’m nearly in tears to think where I’ve come from and now where I stand, yes, stand! 

It was about a month ago that I began to see some real improvement in my CFS symptoms, I noticed I actually ‘wanted’ to do the dishes and attend to daily living matters.  Prior to this, everything – every single tiny motion was a forced struggle.  Simple things that normal people do, like brushing my hair or teeth, were a monumental task that required a pep-talk and dredging for inner motivation to accomplish.  I’m now proud to admit that wearing underwear, brushing my hair and teeth, showering are just a daily part of living – no pep talk required!

I’m no energy whirlwind by any means.  I still tire easily,  I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes.  But I’m coming from a place where I couldn’t stand on my feet at all.  There are things about having chronic fatigue syndrome that I didn’t even know I was missing.  Let me explain further.  I didn’t realize that my capacity for any emotional depth, perception, experience was entirely lacking.  All of a sudden, I can Feel!  When this first started happening, I thought it was my hormones going crazy or something, but then I realized, it’s emotional energy that I’ve found.  Amazing.  Who would have ever thought that being happy or sad or pissed off was tied to physiology? 

In this blog, I’ve often said that I’m filled with hope – now I’m filled with expectation.  I feel like I’m among the living once again.  I look forward to experiences, activities, adventures.  Now I am certain I can recover and regain most of what has been out of reach for so many years.  Thank you Chronic Fatigue Scientist and Researcher Guys!

TwentyFive Percent Better with Chronic Fatigue

For those of you looking to recover from this nastyass illness, these are the things that I did:

  1. Changed my diet:  I have blogged about my diet here, and have excluded all sugar, white flour, processed foods.  I’ve adopted a diet of mostly veggies, some chicken and beef.  Me no likey seafood.
  2. Cleansing program:  I did Colonix for 30 days, with no real visible results, although I’m sure it helped me.
  3. Nutritional Supplements:  I attribute at least 60% of my improvement so far to two nutritional aids – NT Factor and D-Ribose.  I’ve blogged about how these two supplements have been clinically proven to reduce chronic fatigue symptoms, by affecting mitochondria on the cellular level.  I can wholeheartedly attest to that truth.

I’m not the most disciplined person on the earth.  I still waver in my diet and eat crackers and pretzels and drink coffee – all naughties.  I don’t take my supplements religiously or even as often as directed.  While a 20 minute walk would be good for me on a daily basis, I usually save my energy for housecleaning (yes I’ve been cleaning my house!) or sexual delights with hubby.   I still can’t report that I sleep any better either.   It’s fair to say that my sleeping problems existed long before I was cfs weary.

And while I do engage in online marketing of various things (mostly toys), I’m not trying to sell you anything.  So freaking often on the net, when you read some blog that sounds promising, you get to the bottom to find that they’re just hawking some product.  I’m not –  I’m bound and determined simply to get the word out that improvement, feeling better exists.   Feel free to contact me.

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The Holiday Season and Blog Related Injuries

November 10, 2007

Santa on a HarleyIt’s been a tough week for me.  Last Sunday, a whopping 7 days ago, I made dinner for my two brothers and my hubby.  But since my brothers were coming over, that meant I had to clean the house too.  Plus, the grocery shopping.  I was a whirlwind of activity and I paid for it big time.  My right arm started aching on Monday, by Tuesday, I couldn’t blog – what no blogging?  I’m sore from my shoulder to my fingers, I don’t know how I’ve survived.

I’m using NT Factor and D-ribose to try and overcome this outrageous muscle fatigue.  I don’t usually complain of Fibromyalgia as my primary symptom, mostly it’s fatigue.  But this week has been one long trial, with extra doses of Advil to eeek through the week.

Since I can’t work a real job, I did manage to create some new websites this week, even with my difficulty typing.  My new pages are all about the Holidays: 

Chocolate: The Greatest Food Gift

Spectacular Outdoor Christmas Lights

Amazon’s Million Dollar Necklace

Inflatable Christmas Decorations

I really feel like I’m working when I make these pages.  It’s a great forum for developing my sense of achievement and self-sufficiency when I’m stuck in a world where I can’t do much else.  In my struggle to overcome my chronic fatigue, I imagine it will take me until next June to start feeling better.  This illness brings with it such an uncommon sense of failure and hopelessness.  These sites help me feel more normal, like I’m living some portion of a real life, instead of feeling like a shut-in or invalid. 

It’s pretty rare to run across an article or web-site that discusses the psychological effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it’s like we all have to work it out for ourselves.  I don’t like negative thoughts or negative moods, but when the fatigue is combined with nagging constant pain, life can be difficult.  My motto: Onward, Forward, To the Future.  I finally have hope and now I have something to keep myself busy, even though my blogging arm is killin’ me.


Chronic Fatigue Tales: 10 Percent Better and More after 60 days

October 27, 2007

taking supplements

I wrote awhile back that I’m feeling 10 percent better.  It’s still true.  I notice now that I can actually stand and talk for a minute or two, without the thought of finding a chair while I’m talking.  This is an unheard of occurrence for the past 15 years or so. The thing is?  I’m not even very good at my own Chronic Fatigue Protocol.  Let me explain.  I’ve done a vast amount of research on Chronic Fatigue diet and treatments. I’ve read clinical studies, read hundreds of websites on ‘cures’.  I’ve reviewed a bunch of products that promote CFS cures – although I haven’t purchased  any, save my foray into the Colonix world.  My research has led me to develop a list of supplements that clinical studies have shown to improve chronic fatigue.  I have been taking some of them.  NT Factor and D-Ribose supplements have definitely given me this 10 percent improvement.  In addition to these two mainstays, I have kept myself on a fairly rigorous diet regimen.  I’ve now been on this CFS cure journey for nearly 60 days.

Here’s where I tend to be flakey.  I’m not good at taking my supplements at all.  I have developed a tender tummy of late, and find that I can’t take my supplements on an empty stomach.  Trouble is, I don’t eat very often.  I don’t recommend not eating,  I know I should be eating at least two meals a day, but I just ain’t got the appetite.  Nobody wants to eat veggies for breakfast.  This was the case before I started this program too.  So I average actually taking the NT Factor and D-Ribose about 3 or 4 times a week, and then only once a day.   The recommended dosage is 3 times a day for both. Refer to the complete list of nutritional support – Supplementing my supplements? here.  The other thing is that I don’t like taking vitamins at night – they tend to give me insomnia.  Oh hell, everything gives me insomnia.  It’s phobic anxious neurotic soma paranoia.  I digress.

Doesn’t it seem that all of living holds devious instances of Catch-22’s?  I can’t get my act together enough to be able to take my supplements, while if I took my supplements, I’d be able to get more of my act together.  Taking my supplements as directed should in theory help me sleep better too.  As my saying goes: “I’m working on it”.  But I’m still enthused and plan on getting better at taking these things and then getting better.

The other place where I flake is my diet.  It can feel so so so strict.  I’m eating my meat and veggies, but this is where I fail: I have some white flour crackers about 3 times a week.  Oh no not crackers! lol.  Are 8 crackers so bad?  I don’t know.  The other thing that I do is add rye crisp to my salads.  And a couple of times a week, I cook something that has cheese in the recipe.  I feel like I’m in a confessional here. 😉  The way I look at it – I’m still feeling better and as long as that’s true, I don’t think a little cracker attack is gonna haunt me.

My point in all this is to remind myself that if I can develop a habit of taking all my supplements as directed then I should see even more improvement.  I’m just happy that I don’t have that overwhelming crushing sense of fatigue everyday.  I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, but now it’s a delivery truck – not a tanker.
10 Percent Better and More

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Colonix Colon Cleansing

October 7, 2007

colonix  I started using Colonix – a colon cleansing product, this past Friday.  I am enthused so far.  For those of you unfamiliar with colon cleansing, typically the cleansing of the colon is aided by a psyllium and bentonite clay drink in the morning.  This product also includes a parasite cleanse pill and a senna (laxative) tea.  There are four separate things to do each day: 1. take the paranil pills 2. wait 15 minutes, then drink the psyllium/bentonite powder shaken with water or juice 3. at night, drink the tea (pay attention to your steeping time – this stuff is powerful!).  Drink 64oz of water a day. (Drinking enough water is the key to making this program work – it’s a must!)

Today is my third day, I’m feeling good.  I had a headache yesterday, but that could be due to other factors.  So far, from all the other colonix blogs that I’ve read, I’m experiencing all the same things that other bloggers have.   This is a 30 day program for me.  I’ll be updating this same post with my experiences.  (That way, since my family reads this blog, I won’t gross them out with tales or tails of the wormies I find.  Ewwww!)

I’m a little concerned about what the parasite cleanse may bring.  Not only is this extremely gross to discuss, but it’s a harrowing thought that I might have wormies inside of me.  From all the blogs that I’ve read, it’s not uncommon – yes, even in the u.s.a! (Given the amount of suspect cheeseburgers that I’ve eaten in my life, and the fact that in the past I’ve used some northern lakes as a direct water source, I’m gettin nervous.)

If you’re interested in trying a colon cleansing program (you can purchase the materials & do it yourself for less expense) or purchasing a cleansing product, my advice is to change your diet at least a week in advance.  It’s my supposition that the people that suffer the most adverse reactions to colon cleansing are the people with a diet that is already questionable.  Their reactions include: headaches, gas, bloating, feeling terrible, etc.  It would help them to prepare beforehand with a diet that includes many more servings of vegetables and much less sugar, processed food, white flour and bread.   It’s kind of difficult to be trying to cleanse your colon while you’re eating pizza.  🙂  Also, if you’re addicted to sugar, and you’re planning on a complete change, quit sugar first.  Otherwise, you’ll have all kinds of reactions and think it’s this program, when it’s most likely the effects of sugar withdrawal.

Psyllium & Bentonite Recipe:

Colonix also recommends not drinking coffee.  To stop drinking coffee by itself could cause those same reactions in people.

Anyway, I feel good.  I’ll update more as the program continues.

Update for 10/09/07:  My fifth colon cleansing day.  Not much to report.  I’m continuing with the program easily.  I haven’t had any wild moments yet.  Although yesterday, I was nauseous for a bit after drinking the powder.  I find that a bit odd, because I like the taste of the fiber – it’s a little licorice tastey.  Many other colonix people have commented on two things: 1. they can’t get the powder to mix – that’s easy just put it in tupperware or a lidded jar & shake it for 15 seconds.  and 2. they don’t like the taste.  After having to drink sauerkraut juice for breakfast at one point in my life, this stuff is like having a tasty milk shake!  Otherwise everything so far has been normal.  I have a bit of trouble making sure I drink 64 oz. of water a day, but I remedy that by drinking bottles of water – I need four 16 oz. and I carry them all around with me to keep count.

Update for 10/12/07: Today is my eighth colon cleansing day.  I got up late (finally slept!) so today there isn’t anything to report – I still have to slurp up da powder drinky. 🙂   Yesterday was a big cleansing day, very fruitful.  If you’ve visited the Colonix website, my answer so far is no, I haven’t had any wild moments like that.  Colonix so far has improved my digestion, but there haven’t been any extra consequences or burdens from the product.  It’s life as usual, I don’t feel under duress, actually I feel better.  I’m very careful with my diet though – mostly steamed vegies.  I like this product and I’m considering doing another month.  And no, I don’t sell it.  It is expensive though, but with the parasite cleanse, I think it’s worth it.  I definitely have a fear of wormies!  I’ll check in again & note any wild happenings.

Update for 10/15/07:  Today is my 11th day.  I have real trouble remembering to drink the senna tea at night.  The senna tea is the laxative component to this program and I notice that I do need it.   It’s funny – the reason that I need a detox program like colonix is that I have brain fog and forget everything.   lol, I forget to drink the ding dang tea!  stoopid stoopid stoopid.  I’ll try harder.   Otherwise, I still haven’t had any wild moments.  This program has been incorporated into my daily life without any difficulties.   I also forget to take all my supplements.  I’m feeling like a real ding dong lately.  Oh well,  onward, forward,  things will get better – they must!

Update for 10/18/07:  Today is my 14th day.  Not much to report again.  I’ve noticed this on all the other colon cleansing blogs too.  Pretty much the doldrums of reports until something dramatic happens.  Nothing dramatic so far.  No wormies, no reactions – just pluggin’ along.  I’ve read some pretty wild colon cleansing blogs, where people mention using chopsticks and other tools to investigate.  I’m just not one of those people.  They also mention seeing ‘grains of rice’ when they’ve consumed no rice.   Haven’t seen any rice yet.  My digestion is good, and I’m pretty much drinking the tea every other day, only for the reason that I forget.  I also forget to take my supplements still.  me = peabrain.   I’ll definately check in if something crazy happens.  I’m not really eating enough to have alot of activity.  I’m only having a salad at night.  Apparently other people eat three meals a day & have more things to note.  Oh well, I’m doin what I can.  

 Update for 10/21/07: 17 days.  I had a good day today, I finally slept again.  I barely notice that I’m on a cleansing program, not much to report.  I’d love to tell some dramatic stories, or even show ghastly pictures, but nothin so far.  The only thing that I notice is that I’m very thirsty at night if I haven’t completed my water intake for the day. I’ll keep in touch.

Update for 10/26/07: I’ve lapsed in this program. The 21st was my last day of slurping powdering drink & pills. That’s because I’ve been having trouble with nausea.  It’s not the program, it’s my gallbladder.  Since monday, today’s friday, I have had the dry heaves in the morning 3 times. This happened a couple of times last week too, but I didn’t much about it. I’m gonna try with the pills & powder again today & see if I get nauseous again. I think I was eating too much raw food for my tummy in the form of salads.  I wrote a blog about it, how long til I get better, my current bloggy.  Anyway, I’m still pluggin along..  I really would have thought I’d have much more dramatic results from this program.  Maybe it really does take 60 days.  Hope my gallbladder lasts.

10/30/07 Update: 26 days.  I’m supposed to be nearly done with this program, but I’m not.  I missed a bunch of days last week.  I think I found the reason why my gallbladder was so upset.  I had stevia pumpkin custard the other day (it’s the same recipe as pumpkin pie, but no crust, no sugar – I use stevia instead, it’s almost on my diet.. shhh…).  The spice mix I used had ginger in it.  I’ve known since I was a child never to eat ginger.  I didn’t know that having a slice of this pie was gonna make me wish I was dead.   I’m better now, my tummy isn’t so sensitive.  I’ve been back on the slurpy mix and the paranil pills with no troubles.  Still forgetting the tea, me dopey.  I figure I’ll be on this program for another 10 days still, or at least until I run out of the pills & slurp.  Here are two of the wildest cleansing blogs I’ve read: 

The second one is hilarious. Still nothing wild to report. At least for me, there’s still no sense that I’m on a cleansing program – no bathroom emergencies, no gas, no headaches, no bloating. I have lost 20lbs though. That’s the diet probably, not the colonix.



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CFS: The Problems with Success Stories

October 6, 2007
When I hear stories of sufferers that have overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I admit that I’m very skeptical.  I think many people have jumped on the CFS bandwagon that may simply be suffering from general malaise, inadequate nutrition or poor sleep habits.   I’ve read some stories of people having ‘recovered’ in three weeks or less.  Did they really have CFS?  Were they completely debilitated by their condition?  How long had they had their symptoms?
So often in these tales on the internet, there is no backstory to their illness.  Had they even been diagnosed by a Doctor?  It’s difficult to take these stories to heart for those of us who have suffered with this illness for years.  So many of us are invalids, not entirely bed-ridden, and yet we struggle to do the most modest of daily functions: bathing, getting dressed, cooking, housekeeping.  I describe myself as being “very good at sitting down”.  If I’m sitting, I can pretty much do anything.  For me, that means I spend a great deal of time writing, researching, reading and watching tv.  I’ve endured in this minimal existence for more than a decade.  My unwillingness to give up the rest of my life to this syndrome has lead me to read every success story that I can find on the net.
I’m suffering financially from this illness, otherwise I’d purchase every book available that details the lives of those that have overcome CFS/M.E.  I would love to hear of people that were completely debilitated and found curative measures that brought them back to the land of the living.  My heart would leap to hear they were back to full time employment, strenuous exercise and enjoying the activities that they once loved. 
Despite that I feel like roadkill today,  I plan on being one of those success stories.  I don’t care if I have to exist on raw garlic, sauerkraut and water.  I am going to do this.  Then I’ll write about it 🙂
If you’re one of those people that has come back to life after existing in this crippling dungeon of Chronic Fatigue for years.  Please drop me a line.  I’d like to share your story.


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