CFS: My New Fear

April 10, 2008

I’m in the midst of my carefully devised plan to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I’ve changed my diet, found amazingly effective supplements in the form of NT Factor and D-Ribose, and I’ve garnered some success.  But a new fear is overtaking me lately.  The clinical studies involved with these ‘new found’ supplements reflect only a 40-45% improvement of CFS symptoms.  And this is where I am right now.  Does this mean that where I am is as good as it’s going to get?   Have I reached the pinnacle of improvement?

I no longer pour myself into the couch after walking just a few steps into the livingroom,  I can walk and do some normal life endeavors or attend an event without the need to collapse, but is this all there is?   I don’t know the answer….  I have to keep working, keep detoxing, keep hoping, keep praying…

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  1. I usually don’t think about the future. If I start thinking about it, I cannot go any further. I try to keep healthy balance between hope and reality, and keep hanging in there.
    If I were you, I just keep following whatever you are doing now.
    You have achieved so much, and I am sure there will be possibilities that your improvement will continue against the statistics based on the past information.

  2. Something I did that really helped even more than my efforts to figure out a good diet was juicing fresh vegetables. It is good to dilute the carrots with celery and other veggies so you don’t get too much sugar. But it gave me energy, took away symptoms, and balanced my acid and alkaline balance, and filled mineral deficiencies. Even to this day, when I am not juicing, I never felt as good as I did when I was juicing and doing Dr. Schulze Superfoods. Dr. Schulze Superfoods contains Brewer’s yeast, and for the CFS person, who is typically low on B vitamins, the Brewers yeast is essential.


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