Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Cortisol Treatment? It Makes Me Skeptical

March 27, 2008

I am the first to admit that I have a distrust of the medical community, perhaps it’s more reasonable to say that it’s pharmaceuticals, either/or let’s say.  Recent reports show CFS symptoms can improve through the application of cortisol shots administered by your physician.  Another “non-cure” and yet effective treatment.    Cortisol is low in CFS Patients Study , Cortisol Treatment Study Shows CFS Symptom Improvement .  

 Not too long ago, I watched a PBS special with Dr. Perricone wherein he stated that my cortisol levels were at the root of my weight gain and aging complaints, he’s termed it the “death hormone“. 

I’m no scientist,  I know adrenal fatigue is a major factor in my CFS symptoms and cortisol injections would indeed further adrenal fatigue.  It makes me suspicious once again of the medical community.  Like my most recent experience with the drug Advair for asthma, I stopped using it for this reason – millions of asthma patients use it, yet people are dying from its use?  Advair Article   I am again suspicious of the cortisol treatments until there’s a long term treatment study.

The variances between the formal medical community and natural healing methods can be so enormous and worrysome, that it makes me tend toward natural methods exclusively.  I hope that my diet and supplement path works as well as cortisol injections.  If you’re a CFS patient and receiving these cortisol shots and no other medications, please comment on your results!

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  1. I read that cortisol treatment works as it lowers immune system activity. For a while, this makes you feel better. However, if there is an underlying virus that is causing your CFS (which is likely to be the case in many cases), then in the long term, the virus will gain an upper hand, and you may lose in the long run.

    Some CFS links: http://chronicsorethroat.wordpress.com/chronic-fatigue-syndrome-research-chronic-fatigue-syndrome/

  2. Thank you for your comments hpp! These injections don’t sound like they’d work for me… I’m pretty sure I was subject to classic Epstein-Barr… Kudos on your excellent blog and CFS Resources! Highly Recommended!

  3. Well, in fact, I read this is true in relation to cortisone (aka: corticosteroid) which is a synthetic version of cortisol. So it may well be true for cortisol as well – that is to say, you feel better just for a while.

  4. Anyone with CFS or Adrenal Fatigue should read a book by Dr. Jefferies called “The Safe Uses of Cortisol” he used small physiologic doses of Cortisol, to maintain the levels that the body would make itself if it could, and had great success with patients over many many years. Don’t confuse high doses of Cortisol which has many side effects with normal replacement doses which just replaces this vital hormone your body needs. Can make a huge difference in your quality of life….read the book!

  5. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that man from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

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