No Where Near Normal Yet Doing What I Can…

February 12, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles Toys on SquidooI’m babysitting a little doggie this week named Sophie.  She’s a fox terrier or something prissy, I forget.  Since I’m used to hound dogs and labs, to me, this week feels a lot more like babysitting a china doll.  She’s fragile: emotionally, physically and she’s needy.  She’s a little too prissy to venture outside in the snow and so there have been numerous household clean ups.  (Although, I don’t blame her, it’s been below zero lately, I don’t want to pee outside either.)

While I’m continuing to progress on my chronic fatigue protocol, taking care of her has been enlightening in terms of my limited abilities.   The Good:  I have been able to take her for little walks and clean up around her, while still doing the normalities / banalities of life.  I still am making dinner, getting dressed, doing the dishes.  The Bad:  She exhausts me emotionally and physically.  She has made me realize that I can’t have a doggy until I become normal.  She’s exposed my physical weaknesses –  I want to have the energy to play and it’s just not there.

I am still hoping to begin exercising in March, in order to accomplish that goal, I realize that I need to stay much more focused on clean diet habits – much more intake of fresh vegetables and less carbs.  I’m still splurging a little on peanut butter crackers and cheeses – I have to cut back on the naughties.

In the time since September, most of my brain fog has left me and my marketing pages on Squidoo.com are getting better.  This past week I’ve been working on Spiderwick Chronicles Movie Toys & Games – I’m quite proud of it.   Squidoo.com is an amazing site where you can create a page on nearly any topic in the world.  They encourage marketing, free thinking, and innovation.  It’s not getting me rich by any means, and still, just feeling like I’m actually achieving, working, accomplishing has done wonders for my outlook and mood. Plus I love toys!  I know.. I’m an ancient being but this way I can play vicariously.

In my Chronic Fatigue Quest for health, right now I figure I’m about one third improved.  I know that once I start an exercise regimen, my improvement should happen faster.  How I long, yearn, aspire to be a normal human being again!

In addition to Spiderwick, I’ve made: Kung Fu Panda Toys


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  1. It’ll happen…just keep showing up.

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