Top Ten Ways to Tell You Have Chronic Fatigue

January 29, 2008

Having chronic fatigue syndrome is a tough go, sometimes it just helps to make light of the situation.  This little list will ring hauntingly true for many of us though.   

10.  You wake up, walk into the livingroom and immediately pour your body into the couch, feeling like you’ve already accomplished a great achievement for the day. 

9.  Somehow you’ve managed to brush your teeth and you’re brilliantly proud of yourself, but now you’re spent. 

8.  All your friends and neighbors simply refer to you as “The Hermit”.

7.   Your tummy is hounding you and you’d like to have something to eat, but the kitchen is wayyyyy over there.  Maybe later.

6.  You pretend that not showering every day is your personal expression of  “getting back to nature”.

5.  When you are able to grocery shop, your shopping cart doubles as your super secret walker.  You’re certain no one will notice that you only have four items.

4.   You prefer emailing over telephone calls, this way you can embellish your writings and make it appear that you actually have a life.

3.  You’d consider calling in a maid service to clean, but you’d have to answer the door, actually speak to the person and wear normal clothes. 

2.  You can recite every line from any infomercial, but prefer to reiterate Kevin Trudeau because his shows seem the most intelligent.

1.  You’re too tired to change the tv channel and the remote is in your hand.

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  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say “hang in there”. You are probably sick of hearing that things will get better, but they do and will. I fell into the chasm of CFS in 2003 after the E-Bar virus rampaged by shaky immune system already burdened by gluten and dairy allergies. It took two and half years but things are definately way better. At one point, I thought I would be sick forever. But now I work 20 to 25 hours a week and in many ways have a life including salsa dancing. There were and are some things that helped a lot but I think the key is to find what is best for your system. Anyway, great blog. Nicole

  2. Yay! Thanks for the encouragement Nicole! So Grand to hear others have recovered into dancing! Gives me great hope! Thanks for your comment and compliments!

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