Bee Movie Toys page inspired me

November 3, 2007

Bee Movie ToysAs with nearly all days during my chronic fatigue, I didn’t sleep well last night.  Just this week I made a squidoo page for Bee Movie Toys and it’s getting a few hits.  I wrote my own synopsis and detailed the Bee Movie characters, as well as included links to the Bee Movie Sites and reviews of the movie.  Then I detailed all the toys: Bee Movie Toys & Games.  Being on the computer most days, is the best that I can do in terms of earning a tiny income, so I hope this helps.   But the buzz about the movie, since it was released today, has made me a bit more energetic, so I was inspired to take a walk.

The walk felt effortless.  That’s what is so amazing.  I didn’t feel like my body was a sack of burlapped potatoes that I was forcing down the street.  I felt nearly normal.  I was able to appreciate the colors in the sky, the gray blue of the clouds, the sunshine on the fall trees.  Ordinarily, I would have been anticipating the very moment I could arrive home so I could sit down, feeling every ache in my body, wishing the experience was over.  But today, I enjoyed every minute and only felt the tired returning as I was heading home.   I walked for a half hour.  I hope to see the Bee Movie this weekend!  It looks funny and I love Jerry Seinfeld.

Visit my newest toy site! Spiderwick Chronicles Movie Toys


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