CFS: The Problems with Success Stories

October 6, 2007
When I hear stories of sufferers that have overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I admit that I’m very skeptical.  I think many people have jumped on the CFS bandwagon that may simply be suffering from general malaise, inadequate nutrition or poor sleep habits.   I’ve read some stories of people having ‘recovered’ in three weeks or less.  Did they really have CFS?  Were they completely debilitated by their condition?  How long had they had their symptoms?
So often in these tales on the internet, there is no backstory to their illness.  Had they even been diagnosed by a Doctor?  It’s difficult to take these stories to heart for those of us who have suffered with this illness for years.  So many of us are invalids, not entirely bed-ridden, and yet we struggle to do the most modest of daily functions: bathing, getting dressed, cooking, housekeeping.  I describe myself as being “very good at sitting down”.  If I’m sitting, I can pretty much do anything.  For me, that means I spend a great deal of time writing, researching, reading and watching tv.  I’ve endured in this minimal existence for more than a decade.  My unwillingness to give up the rest of my life to this syndrome has lead me to read every success story that I can find on the net.
I’m suffering financially from this illness, otherwise I’d purchase every book available that details the lives of those that have overcome CFS/M.E.  I would love to hear of people that were completely debilitated and found curative measures that brought them back to the land of the living.  My heart would leap to hear they were back to full time employment, strenuous exercise and enjoying the activities that they once loved. 
Despite that I feel like roadkill today,  I plan on being one of those success stories.  I don’t care if I have to exist on raw garlic, sauerkraut and water.  I am going to do this.  Then I’ll write about it 🙂
If you’re one of those people that has come back to life after existing in this crippling dungeon of Chronic Fatigue for years.  Please drop me a line.  I’d like to share your story.


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One comment

  1. Suffering from Fatigue for 8 years. Still on the journey to finding real wellness.

    MEDS_ Wellbutrin and Aderrall got me up and going. Either one by itself will probably do the trick. Most likely Aderrall by itself will work – it is a stimulant). This is of course not getting to the root of the problem but it will help you feel much better and increase your energy. This medicine is for ADD, prescribing this for CFS is off label. However, if you have ADD symptoms, which sometimes seems to go hand in had with CFS, concentrate on those when speaking to MD(psychiatrists). These meds will get you up and going to the point that you can really function, which will give you the reseources to find real answers.

    That is the point I am at trying to find real answers, next step for me going to make an appointment at the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue center, see what their treatment is about. Aslo looking into orthomolecualr medicine, removing heavy metal toxicity, etc.

    Also recheck thyroid , the tsh levels on lab work are outdated . The tsh should be btw 1 & 2.5. If it is not you may need thyroid med. Also ask for complete thyroid panel(tsh, t4, t3, free t3 and t4 and antibody panel). If you do need this get the natural prescription, that has t3 and t4. The syntethic Rx does nothing for people with CFS, at least it did nothing for me.

    That is the road I am taking for now. I don’t like taking meds but hope to really heal from this one day. My story is really long and complicated, as I am sure so is your, after all it has been 8 years of suffering but that is the abbreviated version.

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