Chronic Fatigue Diet – Simplified

September 28, 2007

If you go searching on the net for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) diet, you’ll hit on hundreds of sites.  The trouble is, they all seem to be in conflict with each other.  Some are so strict that you wonder if anyone can survive, others are so liberal, even allowing several servings of fruit.  (Oh I know I can’t eat fruit – that is just asking for ill health.)   It’s all too complicated for me to keep lists of foods that I can eat and can’t eat – I have to simplify – let’s face it – my peabrain ain’t that sophisticated.

Pretty much everyone, everywhere will agree that sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods and white flour are out.  I agree, bad news for youse.

Nearly ALL of these candida/cfs diets prohibit specific yeast forming foods: mushrooms, products with yeast in them: breads, beer, brewers yeast.  I agree with that.  Most of them also mention condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.  I adore mustard, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to keep myself from indulging – maybe I can open up the jar and sniff it once in awhile.

 Some of these diets allow whole grains, some don’t allow any grains – even the mother of all healthfoods – brown rice.  I get so confused.  I allow myself some rye crisp once in awhile.  ’tain’t gonna kill me.   I took the health food plunge recently and purchased Quinoa pasta – Wholly Crackamoni! I love this stuff!  It’s not a cereal grain per se, it’s something else entirely I guess, and it’s a complete protein and it tastes better than any pasta I’ve ever known. (except this one italian restaurant that used to make their pasta everyday from scratch, but that place closed – sadness. )

Some Quinoa Pastas: (pronounced “keen-wa”) http://www.celiac.com/catalog/index.php?manufacturers_id=15&osCsid=dbb6e9814fea42cc2deee0cf20a8ea29

The whole non-dairy diet is just plain confusing.  Again, some of these sites disallow any dairy product, others will encourage use of cultured dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir.  I can’t drink milk or eat yogurt anyway – gastric distress.  But I sure do appreciate some cream in my coffee… Ooops! I ain’t a’supposed to be drinkin coffee either….

All things in moderation – key phrase: “I’m working on it”.  I anticipate that I’ll be weening off all these little “no-no’s” in time.   The one thing that disturbs me about some of the strict diets, is that they say no ‘nightshade’ vegies – translation: no tomatoes.  Are they nuts?  How can a person exist without tomatoes, I ask you? Boy, if it’s necessary, it’ll take me some months for that one to sink in and be implemented.

I get anxious when I see these diets get so nit-picky.  Does a dash of worcestershire sauce really foster a complete rebound of cfs symptoms?  Is a little nip of cream in my no-no coffee going to throw me into complete relapse?  Is it a matter of general diet and detox philosophy or are there proven facts?

When you consider that I’m taking 700 supplements, most of which are designed to kill the nasty nanobytes of invading parasitical species (primarily candida albicans), can’t my body contend with a no-no now & then?  I’m not talkin pizza here, I’m talkin a healthy splat of tabasco in my soup.   I get so confused.  They say no vinegar in one breath, and then in another article, they’ll tell you that honey & vinegar do wonders to change the ph of your blood.  It makes my synapses turn, swirl and whirl like the Cirque Du Soleil on opening night.  So, let’s simplify, shall we?


This is what I can eat:   All vegies are good with few exceptions ( sorry to say, corn & potatoes are not  vegies folks).   Limit winter squash, beets and carrots.  Sweet potatoes are probably not a good idea yet.   I can eat any meat, but let’s not get crazy, let’s say one portion of meat per meal (sorry no bbq sauce).  Quinoa is a reasonable addition to some meals.  Some CFS diets allow parmesan cheese and I’m letting me have it too. 🙂  No fruit for me, but I do drink lemon juice – it’s a well known detox agent.  I should note for anyone using this page as a reference, that eggs would certainly be allowed on this list.  ( I can’t eat eggs.)

My diet simplified:  Vegies, meat, quinoa. 

Doesn’t that sound tasty?


So what do I drink?  I drink water, home made lemonade with stevia as a sweetener.  I’m still drinking coffee but I know it’s got to go.  I also drink pau d’arco tea – a south american tree bark that’s known for it’s yeast fighting properties.  It tastes just like tree bark and so, on occasion, I’ll combine it with decaffeinated constant comment tea.  (I’m sure that tea will turn out to be another no-no on someone’s CFS website.)

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  1. I have just discovered your site. Excited to see that I am not alone in my cravings for sugar. I will open up boxes of cake mixes and eat the ingredients. I will eat the cookie dough before I can get it into the oven to bake! When I could not find any chocolate in the cupboards, I ate the bitter cocoa bars that are for baking.

    Although I am frightened with what is going on in my body and mind, reading your comments has already helped calm my fears and given me the strength to tackle my “addiction” to sugar.

    My question: Do you know of any diet plans, receipes or grocery shopping lists for sufferers of CFS/FIBRO.

    Thank you,

    Sharon Mackin

  2. Thanks for your comment Sharon! I took the liberty of sending an email. Please let me know if you didn’t get it. Feel free to reply here. Thanks again!

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