My Chronic Fatigue Symptoms:

September 27, 2007

My primary symptom is fatigue. Constant unending fatigue that is unresolved by sleep or rest. After sleeping for 10 or more hours, I wake tired. There is no sense of needing more sleep, and yet the fatigue lingers. If I am compelled to nap, even after waking from an hour nap, it feels nothing has been resolved. I am incapable of standing upright for more than a few minutes at a time. This makes simple tasks like doing the dishes, showering or folding laundry seem insurmountable. I am much more able to walk than I am to stand. I complete most tasks while sitting. I have great difficulty bending over for any period of time, so doing things like putting the pots & pans away, or grasping anything on the floor requires a rest period after the task is complete. What’s odd about this, is that it seems related to aerobic function. I am very physically strong for a woman and have no difficulty performing tasks that require muscle strength. I am much more capable of moving the couch than I am standing there and talking about it. When I ride my bike, I am well capable of putting the bike in 5th gear and pedaling with superhuman thigh strength and I’m not able at all to spin my legs round & round in 2nd gear like normal people. Weird. Must be an oxygen transport problem.


Secondary to the fatigue is sleep dysfunction. I have great difficulty falling asleep, even if the night prior, I had only slept two or three hours. I am frequently awake until 4 or 5am, and my personal belief is that no one should ever sleep past noon. I am constantly wrestling with gaining good quality sleep, even though I actually ‘feel’ the best when I’ve had only 3 or 4 hours of sleep. My feeling is that the yeast growth (candida albicans) require as much sleep as I do, and when I deprive them of sleep they aren’t capable of zapping as much of my energy. The added benefit: I can recite any late-night infomercial by heart.


Fibromyalgia: Most days I feel exactly like I’ve been hit by a truck. I hurt all over, I can feel pain in my bones, my muscles, my tendons – everywhere. I am constantly dealing with nagging pains in my shoulder, my back, my joints. I have difficulty sitting in one position for any period of time, constantly shifting to ‘rearrange the pain’. When I am placed in situations where I am confined or have to sit on hard surfaces, the pain after 15 minutes or so, leaves me requiring a full day of rest.


Brain Fog: I feel like I’ve lost half of my intelligence. I have difficulty remembering, very often losing my train of thought. I have difficulty speaking – losing words and phrases that I was just about to say. I have difficulty concentrating and I would very much like to have my awesomely creative mind back.




Digestion difficulties: I’m constantly battling both diarrhea and constipation. There seems no in-between. Sugar, fruit, white flour, processed foods all wreak havoc on my system, causing gas, headaches, fatigue, malaise. The oddest things give me debilitating migraine headaches: Popcorn, salad, pizza, burritos, donuts (dang!), beer. Drinking alcohol is out of the question. If I drink the slightest amount, I feel like I have a hangover for the next two or three days.


Itching: There must be some association between candida and skin disorders. Wherever I sweat, I itch like crazy. It’s not a matter of hygiene, my sweat itches like banshee just a minute or two out of the shower on a hot day. I’m sure it’s amusing for people that watch this old fat lady constantly bending over and scratching the back of her knees when I’m walking down the street in July. For 9 months out of the year, I am plagued by incessant dry skin itching that moves in patches all over my body. My legs are terror zones – disturbing my sleep with itching that intensifies when scratched, itching unabated by any over the counter cream except anbesol. From September to May, every night I feel I might go insane from this insidious onslaught.


Other than that – I feel just fine!

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  1. Wow! You have just described 95% of who I am and have to deal with all of my life on a daily basis. It was incredible reading about who I am and that it was someone else! I want to know if you have some something that has helped you, diet, meds, vitamins? Anything?

  2. Since I talk too much, I sent Monica an email in reply 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Monica!

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